It was in 1981 that His Holiness Swami Shantanand Saraswathi, lit a lamp to symbolise the beginning of something very beautiful for the arts, especially music and dance. By inspiring two extraordinary dancing couples – Gopal and Radha Shetty and Sivadas and Vatsala , Swamiji established an avenue for creating an awareness of, and appreciation for Indian classical dance and music. Shantanand Auditorium. Today we see it’s confluence in many cross-cultural initiatives, too.

The aim was to help Malaysian youth rediscover the cultural, artistic and spiritual wealth of their forefathers and to make it relevant for themselves and for future generations to come.

Swamiji believed that music and dance were essential to the holistic development of the child. Swamiji envisioned that The Temple of Fine Arts would be the place where a young child could learn music and dance from teachers who understood the true source of creativity and inspiration.

As a tribute to Swamiji being the inspiration and Founding Patron of the Temple of Fine Arts, this “heartspace for creative expression” – the auditorium, has aptly been named after Swamiji. It signifies the continuing presence, inspiration and guidance of Swamiji in upholding these noble ideals.



Shantanand Auditorium occupies the second and third floor of The Temple of Fine Arts.

Besides being able to accommodate a capacity of 600 people, the auditorium is acoustically designed and treated, which provides a high performance effect of evenly dispersed sound – with no significant dead or live spots – thereby, creating a ‘musical presence’ that is remarkably enjoyable.

It is managed by a team of dedicated individuals with decades of experience and technical proficiency. We have a track record of managing performances of varying scales and variety, both locally and abroad.

The Temple of Fine Arts has actively contributed to Malaysia’s multicultural heritage through the performing arts for more than three decades. In recognition of this fact, our TFA building is designated as part of the Kuala Lumpur Cultural Heritage Route. Our close proximity to KL Sentral – the capital city’s transportation hub – makes us easily accessible.

We invite you to visit our auditorium and talk to us and we will be more than happy to give you a tour of the facilities and provide you with a customised package.

Our experience, dedication, and passion for quality event management will ensure the success of your event.